Leading with PRISM 

Management development with  a difference 

Whether you’re new to leading people or keen to refresh your approach, our signature management programme could help you reset and refocus, giving you the confidence and clarity to deliver results. 
The golden thread running through the entire programme is PRISM. This adds a level of insight beyond a typical management programme. Why? There isn’t one way to communicate, engage or motivate people, it all depends on what’s important to them. We get the very best out of people by understanding what’s important to them and what they need, and adapting our approach. You can only do this if you are clear about what kind of leader you are – strengths and blind spots, and can spot the needs of others. 
This programme explores how the principles and tools can be adapted to different situations, based on the PRISM model. 

What will I discover during the programme? 

Through a range of self-discovery exercises, practical tools and guides, we will explore: 
What is my leadership style and how should I adapt it? 
What do my team members really need from me? 
What are my behavioural strengths and blindspots 
How do I lead people so they are engaged and develop their potential? 
What's the best way to support people through change? 
Are relationships or results more important to me, or is there a balance? 
How can I manage my time to be more proactive in driving change? 
Do I make decisions based on facts or instinct, and why does it matter? 
When communicating, do I adopt a more direct or inferential style and how will different people react? 

What's included in Leading with PRISM? 

4 x Mixed Media Modules 

A series of focused videos, workbooks and quizzes covering practical content preferences at work. 

Practical Resources 

Templates and checklists for instant implementation and refer back to. 

PRISM Profile 

An in-depth 28 page insight into your behaviour. 

Module 1: Managing yourself 

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”. Aristotle 
What are my leadership strengths and blind spots? 
What am I accountable for as a leader? 
Do I make time to work on improvments and growth? 
How can I optimise my time and energy ? 
Toolkit for building your adaptability and resilience 

Module 2: Leading people and performance 

“Daring leaders work to make sure people can be themselves and feel a sense of belonging”. Brené Brown 
What does my team really need from me? 
How do I adapt my leadership style to people and situations? 
Monitoring without micromanaging 
Coaching toolkit to steer you through 4 key conversation types 
Having confident performance conversations 

Module 3: Building teams 

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” Steve Jobs 
What makes a successful team? 
How much is in your trust bank? 
Enabling improvement through collaboration 
Building the story, creating a shared purpose 
How a leader can enable or block team development 

Module 4: Navigating change and growth 

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety”. Abraham Maslow 
4 critical factors for successful change 
Communicating change so people get it 
Why to people resist change and how should I respond? 
Toolkit for spotting and supporting people through transition 
How to handle conflict and challenges along the way 
Divided into 4 modules, this practical online programme comprises bite-sized learning in different formats to fit in with busy schedules so you can learn at a time and pace that suits you. 
We have focused on what really makes a difference to how you lead, and rather than overwhelming you with content, this practical and intensive approach gets you quickly to the heart of what makes a great leader, so you can shape your approach. 
With each module you’ll unlock checklists and toolkits and optional further learning, all built around a model, behaviour and mindset for each subject. 
Each module comprises approximate 4 hours of rich, brain friendly learning content, including exercises, quizzes, reflections and calls to action to get you moving. 
You can complete Leading with PRISM as a stand-alone programme or to get the very best out of it, we recommend you buddy up with another leader or cohort of colleagues to add a layer of accountability and support.  
We can also deliver this programme within your organisation with additonal face to face or remote group workshops to guide you through the programme together, enabling discussion, feedback and the magic of sharing and collaboration across your organisation. Get in touch to find out more. 
Do you prefer to develop your potential at a time and pace that suits you? 

Click the link below to explore Leading with PRISM in our Learning Lounge, then you can buy online and get started now if it's right for you

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